Being with “My People.”

Rumor has it (and fact-based studies do as well) that the Dutch are the tallest people in the world.  So I was pretty excited to get here and be surrounded by tall people, and go to shoe stores and have them tell me that they actually carry my size.  However, the reality has hit that I’m still taller than the average dutch man (6’1) or dutch woman (5’8).  People still look at me like I’m crazy tall, and shoe stores still tell me that the biggest size they carry is a 41 or 42 (and I wear a 45).

However, yesterday I tried on a jacket and the sleeves were actually long enough for my arms, and I bought a sweater where the sleeves were actually long enough.  I left the coat behind because it was on a rack that said 49.95 but when I got to the register it was 94.95.  As it turned out, the word on the rack that I didn’t understand meant “starting at.”  Woops!  But I’m still thinking about the coat and how great it was that the sleeves were long enough so I might go back and get it.  Also, someone gave me a flyer for a “big shoe” store that is near the Anne Frank house, so I’m going to check that out today as well. Apparently it carries womens sizes 42-46, but I have no idea if its the kind of store that actually carries fashionable shoes, or if it’s one of those places that doesn’t acknowledge that just because people are bigger than normal doesn’t necessarily mean they lack any sense of fashion.  I’m not interested in purchasing nurse shoes, clown shoes, or anything with leopard print or big crazy rainbow tassels.

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