Some London News.

This past Friday was the dreaded Moot Court round that I had posted about.  I think all of the exhaustion finally caught up with me and I was just completely incapable of really preparing for the round.  I read the cases on Wednesday, then had “Looney Wednesday” where Alexander and Becky joined in for dinner, and then Thursday I had classes all day, and tried to prepare after class with Alexander but was just too exhausted.  Finally, I tried to go home and I just missed my train and I started crying while I was waiting on the platform because I didn’t want to be stuck there, I wanted to be home in my bed.  Or shall I say “floor.”  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Becky and I had to sleep in my room and I only have a small twin bed and a small floor space.  Since Becky was the guest I insisted she have the bed and I managed to sleep in a space about 2 ft x 5 ft on my floor on the nights we were in town while she was here.  I’m sure that didn’t contribute to my sheer exhaustion at all 😉

Anyway, long story short, my preparation was basically spending about 40 minutes the morning of the presentation outlining some points.  We had to leave by about 7:30am to make it to campus by 8:00am for my 8:30am round.  Up until even seconds before the round started I was panicking thinking “I can’t do this.. I can’t do this.. I need to drop out I don’t care about the credit.”  However, I managed to get up there when it was my turn and do a pretty good job.  I came up with some pretty good policy arguments on the fly which I was pretty proud of, especially when the judges turned around and used my arguments against my opponent.  Alexander (who had been sick all week) did extremely well as he always does, however he was the first to go so he had to state all the facts and then the judges were grilling him with questions and he wasn’t able to get much out substantively.  Ultimately we did not make the “Top 6” that go on to the “special” final round, but I think we still did very well considering the amount of preparation we were able to put into it.  It was not a disaster, and for that I’m very grateful 🙂

After the round, Becky and I headed out to get breakfast and coffee and Alexander headed to work.  Then we stopped by my flat so I could change out of my suit and headed out to explore a little bit of London.  We walked through Hyde Park, saw Kensington Palace, walked through St. James’ Park, saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben/Parliament, and walked across the Westminster bridge with a full view of the London Eye.  After that, we took the tube to meet Alexander in Covent Garden for dinner.  There was a huge crowd waiting for the lifts out of the underground and we didn’t want to wait so we decided to climb the stairs.  The sign said there were 193 stairs but we were like “we climbed 400 at Notre Dame, this is nothing!”  Boy were we wrong! We almost died!  I think the difference was that at Notre Dame you take little breaks at the book store and at the bell tower, etc. so it’s not all the stairs at once.  Woo.  Won’t be doing that again!

Westminster Abbey!

Westminster Abbey!

A Statue in front of Buckingham Palace (a female statue)

A Statue in front of Buckingham Palace (a female statue)

For more pictures of our day in London, click here.

Also, on another London note, today I had a *brilliant* idea for what to do with all of my change that has been piling up–use it to top up my Oyster card! (Oyster card is what you use to get around on the Underground).  However, little did I know there is actually some kind of magical amount of change you are allowed to insert before the machine considers it too much change and will spit it all back out at you.  Except, it doesn’t give you back the same change you put in.  I put in lots of pound coins and 20p pieces, and I got back basically a bag full of 10p pieces.  The 10p pieces are the size of U.S. quarters, so it’s really obnoxious. What am I going to do with 10 GBP worth of 10p coins??? Ahh!  Anyway, I suppose I need to find one of those charity boxes at grocery stores or something.  Or maybe pay for my latte with 18 10p coins.  I’m sure they’d LOVE that! 😉


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