Thrill the World!

Becky and I are currently in Barcelona.  After a couple of bumps in the road that temporarily had us wondering if we were in a 3rd world country (and/or south Los Angeles), we discovered that Barcelona is a really great city.

One of the best things that has happened to me so far in my Europe experiences happened last night in Barcelona.  Becky and I were walking through the “old town” part of the city when we heard a band playing so we walked to find it.  There, outside a castle looking (probably museum building) in a little square a stage was set up and a Spanish band was performing.  It was dark and they had all the colorful stage lights and everything and they were really good! It was so cool!  …But the best part is what happened next.  The band left the stage and a guy came up to me and asked in english “Has the dancing happened yet?” and we were like “what dancing?”  As it turned out, there was supposed to be a performance of (Michael Jackson’s) THRILLER in the square at exactly 8pm.   Apparently, people in 90 cities around the world were all going to perform this at exactly the same time.  We had to stay for that!

Sure enough, minutes later, the speakers started blasting Thriller and a group of people jumped up and started doing the dance from the video.  We took video on our digital cameras and I couldn’t help but laugh.  So random to be walking through a square in Barcelona, Spain and have that happen!

More to come later!

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