Paris Will Have to Wait…

So, I haven’t been able to even try to think about recapping my Parisian adventures with Becky because my schedule this “week” (ie the 4 days I’m actually in town) is crazy busy… but hopefully I’ll get around to that soon because the trip was AMAZING! At first when Becky told me she wanted to go to Paris I kind of had this “…Again?” feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it the first time. However, since I had never really traveled before coming to London, now when I have a chance to get out of town I want to go somewhere new. I want to see everything, and then think about repeats 😉

But, nonetheless, I booked a trip to Paris with Becky, and it was amazing. I don’t regret going back a second time at all, and it just made me want to go back more! More on that later…. but in the meantime, my current schedule issues:

The main thing is that on top of all the normal things that cram my schedule Tuesday-Thursday (I’m in class all day on Tuesday and Thursday, and have to fit in all the readings, laundry, groceries, etc. in between before heading out to travel again on Thursday night or Friday.. I know, hard life ;)), this week I’m preparing for a moot court competition on Friday. Alexander and I are a team and we will be arguing a fake British case in front of fake House of Lords judges (like the Supreme Court of England). Although the facts of our case are made up, we have to use real British cases and British law to argue for our imaginary clients. British cases are super dense and they are not like American cases in that instead of a majority and minority opinion (which makes it very clear what the law is), each judge writes their own opinion and they are all listed. Also, the cases seem to be heavily weighted in the other direction (supporting the other side). From the looks of it so far, we’ve basically got a dissent in one case (not binding) and we’ll have to analogize humans at a concert to “wild beasts” to make a policy argument. Basically, our argument is “I know you guys have already totally settled this issue and are very clear that we’re supposed to lose here, but um.. how about you completely change your mind and let us win? Eh?”

So, I should really get back to trying to read the cases and figure out what to say on Friday morning at 8:30am when it’s time for Alexander and I to argue this mess.

Also, Becky and I will be leaving on Saturday morning for a quick trip to Barcelona, Spain… so it may be a bit before I’m able to recap Paris or Barcelona. We’ll see!


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