I’m back from Switzerland and I’d LOVE to share pictures, but for some reason despite the fact that I just paid $$$ to get a coffee and breakfast sandwich at Coffee Republic so I could get one hour of free internet and actually upload some photos (since my “free wireless” at home isn’t stable enough to upload photos), every time I try to upload a photo facebook crashes. I don’t know what is up but it is SO frustrating!!

I would go to campus where there is stable internet and I’m sure I could get all the pictures uploaded, but I can’t walk that far because I hurt myself on Monday on the mountain. We were riding scooters down from Bort to Grindelwald for the second time on our trip, and I came around a bend in the road and crashed in a gutter. I fell pretty hard on my left hip so I’m limping a little bit. Ouch. I’m lucky I didn’t get hurt worse–just some minor scrapes and major bruises but nothing broken!

Anyway, plenty of details and pictures to come at some point… Probably when I manage to limp my way to campus.

In the meantime, here is one of the 4 photos I’ve managed to upload:

This photo was taken on our train ride from Interlaken to Grindelwald. More to come!


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