A Few More Great and Not-So-Great Things About Great Britain: Egg Salad, Primark, and more!

Yesterday, I had a bacon, sausage, and egg panini from Coffee Republic for breakfast. I was really excited that the “bacon” was actually what we consider bacon in the States… but sadly the “egg” part was egg salad L One step forward and two steps back, Great Britain. They like to make pretty much anything into “salad” here which means “mix in way too much mayo with anything, put it on bread, and call it ____ Salad.” The bacon and sausage part was delicious though 🙂

Later in the day I met up with Krissi and we ventured out for our first time down the central line to the shopping at Oxford Street. Mainly, I was really in need of some long-sleeve shirts and this store Primark was rumored to be super cheap. It definitely was! Long-sleeve shirts were 2 pounds each! V-Neck sweaters for 3 and 4 pounds each… amazing! When all was said and done I left with a big bag of shirts, sweaters, underwear, socks and towels and my total was only 31 pounds. Now, the quality is not necessarily super great, but great enough for 2 pounds each! Sadly, one of my new 1.50 tank tops is already ruined because somehow I got a cut during class and I have about 20 little blood spots on it now. Grr! I realized it during class and Alexander said “I think it’s vinegar” and I was like “…but I haven’t had any vinegar” and he said “Well I still prefer that to blood!” I don’t know if I’m just especially clumsy in London, or if my skin is drying out or if I’m getting bitten by tiny little bugs or what… but this was the fourth time in London that a little spot on my skin just started bleeding and I had no idea until suddenly something is stained with blood. Creepy much?

Speaking of creepy, my room is so tiny in London, and I’m sleeping in different rooms so often (with all the weekend travels), that I still haven’t got quite used to how close the walls are and the furniture in here and whatnot. I frequently wake up in the middle of the night and I sit up confused and strain my eyes to try to figure out what all the shadows are (the table, the chair, the wardrobe, the night stand) and somehow on more than one occasion I’ve ended up screaming because I thought a couple of the shadows were Little People (aka midgets). I have no idea why I imagine midgets, and even worse—why I scream when I think I see them. I don’t know if it’s because technically this room is clearly meant for midgets, or this terribly embarrassing episode of Barney I saw when I was flipping through channels in Ireland… or what.

Wow. I suddenly feel pretty ridiculous for sharing that… but there you go world. While you are concerned about financial crises and who will be the next president of the U.S.A., my life consists of an endless pursuit of American-style bacon, trying to avoid the Brit obsession with mayonnaise at all costs (egg salad… blehhhh), finding good deals in any form (ie primark, cheap coffee, and cheap flights), and evading imaginary midget people.

Today, I had another long day of classes. We also had a class photo and of course I thought I would outsmart the system and NOT wear a full suit because I’m Always In The Very Back Row, but low and behold my jacket-with-jeans plan failed me because the guy had a row of people stand on a bench behind the row of tall people… so I wasn’t all the way in the back, and I’m sure if you look between the short people in front of me in the photo you will see my blue jeans sticking out in the sea of black pants. It was really weird not being in the back row. I can’t remember the last time that happened, or if it has ever happened while I’ve been in school? I was still in a sea of men though.

And speaking of men… yesterday while out shopping I was called sir TWICE. I was also asked if I was Krissi’s husband… by one of the same people who called me a sir. Seriously, when I looked up at you the first time and said “I’m not a sir” and you apologized profusely when you realized that I was in fact female, that didn’t clue you in on the fact that I’m probably NOT someone’s HUSBAND either?

Goodness gracious. I know I’m 6’4” but I’m a fairly feminine 6’4” people!


3 thoughts on “A Few More Great and Not-So-Great Things About Great Britain: Egg Salad, Primark, and more!

  1. Wow…I can’t believe the sir thing, but I have to say, I laughed at your midget story. I know that feeling though when you wake up and your mind is racing to figure out where you are. It’s such a weird feeling.

  2. Hehe I’m glad you liked the midget story. It’s just so weird that I’ve thought that on several occasions and screamed about it.. I just had to share 🙂

  3. what the heck at people calling you sir!

    I hate mayo. What’s weird is I must have somehow avoided it subconsciously while I was living there, because I never noticed that mayo was a big issue. I’ve actiually noticed it a lot more since I’ve lived here!!

    Primark became a big thing after I left, but I know so many people who are obsessed with it.

    I’ve found that a stain remover plus wash will usually take blood out of clothes…

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