Potty by Flashlight.

This may be TMI, but this morning our light went out in the bathroom (in a kind of light fixture that we can’t just reach in and replace), and we’ve already informed the landlords this morning but as of yet (4:42pm), nobody has come by.  Our bathroom has no windows, and our flat is generally very dimly lit, so when you’re in there with no light it’s PITCH BLACK.  So, basically, if I need to use the bathroom, all I have is the shining light of my cell phone to help me find the TP and flush.  Hahaha.

This is what you get for your money (money as in $1200USD/month for my share)- a tiny little bedroom in a ghetto little flat where everything is always breaking. I keep starting to have a panic attack when I think about how expensive my housing is in London- especially for what I get.  But, technically it’s only a few hundred more than I was paying to live in Malibu, and I’m happy to be out of Malibu during fire season this year 😉

Also, the upside is I love Bayswater, I get to live in LONDON for a semester, and I STILL HAVE MY WINDOW 🙂  Since it is now fall… the leaves on the trees outside my window are gradually changing color.  I love it!


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