Broken Bed!

We are still without a light in the bathroom (because apparently the metal part of the bulb kind of got fused inside and the guy has to come back tomorrow with a different tool). In the mean time, we figured out that we can block the hallway off so people can use the bathroom with the hall light on and just leave the door open. Tonight, Holly (my roommate) offered to cook dinner for her boyfriend Vince, and Alexander and I. We brought out our desk chairs and pulled our tiny dining room table out into the center of the kitchen and we managed to make it work! It was delicious! We had chicken, salad, vegetables, bread.. and then an apple crumble thing and ice cream for dessert! 🙂

But then after dinner… Alexander and I walked into my room and we both sat down on my (little twin) bed at the same time (and we didn’t plop down… we sat down gently!) and it just snapped and completely broke! Now, we are both very large people and perhaps in hindsight it’s not the most brilliant idea for two large people to sit on a twin bed… but we’ve done it before and it didn’t even make a sound! And tonight it wasn’t a slow crack… it was a fast, loud, we’re suddenly sitting on the floor crack. Brilliant!

So… when the guy comes back tomorrow to fix our light, I’m going to need a new bed too! Hopefully I don’t have to pay for that :/

In the meantime… my bed was my sleeping place, my couch, and my study spot… I don’t know what I’m going to do until then!


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