A Non-Travel Note- Coffee!

I told myself that I was going to give up coffee when I got to London but I haven’t done anything even close… in fact, I drink coffee multiple times per day!  The major downside of this of course is that coffee is more expensive over here (if you go to Starbucks and you pay 2.60 pounds for a latte, that’s about 5 U.S. dollars!).  Luckily, I’ve discovered Caffe Nero which with the exchange rates is pretty similar to U.S. starbucks (a grande latte is like 1.85 which is around 3.50 U.S.).

Anyway, I’ve been trying out different types of instant coffee so I can make coffee at home.  We have this amazing water boiler thing that you just fill up and push a button and the water is boiling in seconds!  So, yesterday I found these “one cup coffee filters.”  The cup has a little filter in it and you put it over your coffee cup, fill it with boiling water and then wait a couple minutes and voila! you have a cup of coffee!  It worked really well and it was delicious… but the filter cups are pretty hard plastic like tupperware! and now I’m not sure if it’s recyclable? I feel so wasteful!  Now that I understand the concept of “single cup filters” I’m going to be on the look out for a set that comes with one reusable cup and individual filters.  In the meantime, I’m going to throw the filters in the recycling anyway and hope for the best.

I also discovered instant skim lattes which actually taste as good as the ones I get for 1.44 pounds at Imperial College… and I got a pack of 8 for like 2.50 pounds! 🙂  I also have another set of instant coffees that are just little packs of instant coffee and powdered milk and sugar so you get all in one when you add the little packet to water.  Basically, all I have by way of groceries is multiple types of coffee and cereal.  But honestly, what else do you need in life?? 😉


3 thoughts on “A Non-Travel Note- Coffee!

  1. What about buying a cheap coffee maker and making coffee in the morning to put in a travel mug or something? That way you don’t have to worry about wasting single use pods or anything.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at “amazing water boiler thing” I love it! That’s a kettle 🙂

    I am still amazed that kettles aren’t common in America (electric ones, anyway)…when I was in college all the English girls were so confused because the American Exchange students kept boiling their water for hot drinks on the stove or in the microwave…their lives changed when we introduced them to the kettle!

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