The Land of Ire–Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Sorry I haven’t updated in several days—I’ve been in Ireland and Northern Ireland since Thursday night.  It has been AMAZING!  Full updates (and amazing pictures!) will come later, but by way of a short summary… Alexander and I have been staying with his friends Kristine and John in Malahide, a village right on the ocean and a little north-east of Dublin.  Kristine and John had another couple visiting at the same time (Oliver and Jamie- London natives!), and we’ve all had a great time together hanging out and discovering Malahide and Dublin.  Then, yesterday Alexander and I rented a car, and drove up through Belfast (in Northern Ireland) and around the Coastal Causeway (a road that goes all along the ocean on the North-east coast line of Northern Ireland—AMAZING!) up to the Giants of Causeway (“the eighth wonder of the world”) and then cut back down all the way to Malahide.  It was unbelievable beautiful.  Poor Alexander had to drive the entire time because I’m still not old enough to rent a car, but even he couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful it was as he did his best to keep his eyes on the road.  We both think it’s probably the coolest thing we’ve ever done (although next time, we’ll actually bring a map, and leave earlier so we’re not driving through the middle of a random country without a map in the dark on the way home ;)).   


Anyway, much more to come later—including how we crossed a shaky rope bridge between two cliffs! Amazing!


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