Frustrations and Blessings in London.

As a temporary side note before I begin talking about Strasbourg… I am so happy to finally be in the “Pepperdine House” for classes. Until now, we’ve been meeting in a class room of Imperial College where the chairs are very small and very hard, the desks are barely wide enough for our laptops, the internet would not work on my computer, and there was no AC. However, the Pepperdine House is equipped with all of the amazing modern conveniences of America: padded chairs, big tables, internet that works, AIR CONDITIONING!!! In short, it’s lovely.

A very sharp contrast to the very frustrating experience that continues whenever I try to get ANYTHING DONE when I am not on campus. I have no phone to call the U.S., and I have no solid internet connection and that makes it incredibly difficult to do simple things like (1) remove fraud alerts on my credit cards; (2) pay my U.S. cell phone bill because I still haven’t been able to cancel it; (3) buy tickets anywhere for any form of travel. Ugg. And when I’m sitting here, so frustrated I’m ready to throw large objects from my 3rd story window, I think about how ridiculous it is to be so frustrated about such a silly thing as the internet. We Pepperdine students have a friend–the spouse of a student who just graduated–who suffered from a terrible brain stroke back in April and by a miracle survived a 15 hour brain surgery and is slowly beginning to talk and walk. She feels completely normal on the inside, but her body is not responding how she would like it to on the outside. She’s facing this monumental uphill battle, and I’m freaking out over lack of internet and phone access. Perhaps it’s good for me… I need to learn to stop being so ridiculously impatient, and I need to learn to not take so many things for granted.


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