Luxembourg in a flash.

Just a quick note because I have internet in my hotel and then I need to pack up and get breakfast before boarding the bus to head to Strasbourg, France…

We’ve been in Luxembourg since the night before last, and despite the fact that this country is incredibly small (200 square miles SMALLER than Rhode Island!) I really wish we had more time here!  It’s so beautiful, so clean, and so unique.  I was excited to be adding another country on the list, but I sort of suspected it to just be one city that looked like all the other European cities.  Not the case.

The most touching and unexpected part of our trip so far was our visit to the Luxembourg American War Cemetery.  Over 5,000 American soldiers whose lives were lost in the Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg are buried there, and apparently there used to be another 5,500 used to be buried there but it was originally a temporary grave site and at some point they gave families the option of bringing their loved one’s body back home, and 5,500 families did. I started thinking about my own family members who have been in the service and been overseas during a war, and how each of these crosses represented a person who had mothers and sisters and children and spouses back home.  I have pictures which I will post once they are uploaded.

Anyway, time for me to get going.  More to come.

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