Calm Before The Travel Storm.

So, I went back to add pictures to my last post and realized this blog looks a lot more exciting with pictures actually in the posts (instead of me just lazily posting links to my facebook albums) so I went back and added some pictures in another recent post as well. 

Today I was extremely lazy.  I slept in, finished reading “The Shack”, started reading “God at Work”, did a little grocery shopping, started reading for tax… that’s about it! Oh, and somewhere in there Alexander brought me some Coffee Republic coffee which was very sweet of him.  The class went to The Old Bailey today which is the criminal court here.  I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed soon enough to shower and get a suit on to go.  I’ve also been dealing with some frustrations the past few days and spending a day alone in Casa Michelle was perhaps just what I needed.

It’s also nice to have had a calm weekend in London because tomorrow I have a full day of classes, book club at night, and then we have to leave about 5am Wednesday morning for the St. Pancras station because we’re headed out on the EU Tour!  As I’ve said before, we’ll be taking a train to Brussels, Belgium and then by bus we will also be visiting Luxembourg (that tiny little country between France and Germany); and Strasbourg, France.  Last week there was a fire in the channel (the way to get to mainland Europe… underwater!), and lots of trains have been cancelled/delayed.  I hope our trip isn’t interrupted!  Also, it seems like there have been more train/plane accidents than normal lately.  It makes me a little on edge about travelling, but I am sure all will be well. 

I will be bringing my camera and my laptop on the trip, but no guarantees about internet access so no guarantees about how often I will be able to post.  But I can guarantee there will be plenty of stories and pictures to come as soon as I get back on Sunday 🙂

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