“In this class, I’m going to draw American!”

That quote is from one of my professors, after he drew an accident scene as an example on the board, and put the cars on the right side of the road. 🙂 I just felt the need to randomly use it as a subject line, because the way he said it sounds so funny. 🙂

Somehow I did manage to pull myself out of my new cozy bed yesterday morning at about 6:30am (after going to bed finally around 2am because I was wide awake until then).  I use my pay-as-you-go UK cell phone here for my alarm clock, and it’s basically a woman with a British accent saying “Time to get up.  The time is ____” and she says the time.  Except for the part where it buzzes on my night stand and scares me nearly to death every morning, the actual voice part of it is very pleasant.

Classes went smoothly and then I went home for awhile and the internet was working marvelously (the free wireless) and when that happens you have to take advantage of it!  I was trying to find a day trip or possibly overnight trip to take in Great Britain for this weekend, but I wasn’t very successful.  But then I ran into a friend who said her and her boyfriend got bus tickets to Wales (sadly, in my lack of world geographical knowledge, I did not know that Wales was not just a city in GB) for 30 pounds total.  I contemplated trying to find bus tickets to Wales, but I think ultimately I may end up sticking around London for the weekend again.  It’s best to make travel plans in advance, and I thought the EU trip was THIS weekend so I never made other plans.  But there’s nothing wrong with hanging out in London for the weekend!

After my internetting, I took the tube down to Earls Court to meet Alexander and take the Piccadilly line out to Covent Garden to meet up with some friends.  That area is so cute! I can’t wait to go back in the day time! It’s all closed off to cars and has kind of cobblestone streets with cute shops everywhere.  It’s kind of like 3rd Street Promenade but not just one street, and obviously a lot older than 3rd street. 😉

While we were out there, I got a craving for fries and realized I hadn’t had dinner (due to some drama that flared up shortly before leaving for Earls Court) and the place we were at didn’t sell “chips,” so Alexander left and said he’d get me some nearby.  I thought it was just a place across the street but he ended up being gone for a long time.  He ultimately returned with McDonalds french fries and a chicken sandwich and it was deliciiiiiiious.  A few other guys were like “where’s Alexander? what? wow! If my girlfriend said she wanted fries I’d be like ‘…well… you can go get some.'”  LOL.  All in all it was a fun night hanging out with a bunch of people in the Pepperdine program and one of our professors.

Tonight we’re thinking about going to the Proms (a concert series at Royal Albert Hall).  Tonight is the last night there, and then tomorrow there’s a big “end of the Proms” thing in Hyde Park.  I would prefer to go tonight rather than tomorrow because I don’t particularly enjoy being packed in a park full of people (or packed anywhere full of people, if you didn’t catch that drift from my discussions about the tube). 

I’m also thinking about trying to see a show one of the nights this weekend.  I’m saving Lion King for when Becky gets here, but there are so many other shows to see!  Also, seeing Covent Garden last night reminded me of how much there is even in Greater London that I haven’t seen so I’m excited to get to check some more things out 🙂

Lastly, again last night I was mistaken for a non-american.  I couldn’t figure out which bathroom was for Ladies and I asked a girl as she was walking through one of the doors and she pointed up and there was a sign saying “ladies” right at the top of the door frame.  I joked with her that you’d think I of all people would look up 😉  She then asked how tall I was and I said 6’4″ but asked if thats how they say it here (because technically Brits are on the metric system) but she assured me that was correct and asked where I was from.  When I told her I was from the states she looked at me really puzzled and asked “Really??” and then she started telling me about how she went to the states once and apparently wherever she was was very clean and everything was big and spacious (compared to London where everything is very tiny from cars to roads to sidewalks to flats, to stores, to bathrooms, etc.).  She was was like “you must feel like you can barely fit in London!” and I was like “Yeah, it’s a challenge.”   A challenge I don’t mind 🙂

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