London Lesson Learned–pay the 2 pounds for the 10 extra tog!

Today, I went out and bought a new duvet- with 13.5 tog compared to my previous 3.5 tog.  Now, when I originally purchased the duvet I had no idea what tog meant and assumed it was similar to thread count with sheets and ultimately would just affect how soft it was.  My thoughts were (1) why does it matter how soft it is if it’s just going inside a duvet cover anyway? and (2) I won’t be able to take this back with me so I might as well get the cheapest one possible!  Well, I still have no idea what tog is and I’m too lazy to google it, but apparently it has to do with how thick the blanket is.  I also made the mistake of buying the cheapest pillows.  So before I had a quasi-hospital blanket and pancake pillows, and now I have a new huge cozy pillow to compliment my two pancake pillows, and a big fluffy comforter instead of the hospital blanket! Also, I put the original duvet under my sheets as a sort of very thin mattress pad… and it has added to the absolute coziness of my bed now.  I think I may just sleep away the rest of my time in London!! I’m really dreading having to get up in 6 hours for class because I know I’m not going to want to get out of this bed!

Besides giving my bed a super awesome make-over, I also walked all over London today.  First, I walked down to the Mayfair area where a friend named Claire works.  I met her in the states through our mutual friend Bre when she was there on holiday, and now that I’m in her town we’ve been communicating on facebook and we finally met up for coffee!  For some reason I’m just really against taking the tube unless I absolutely have to (ie the place is REALLY far away, or it is monsoon raining).  It’s just so tedious to push through the people and get down the stairs and wait for the tube and then stand there packed like sardines in the hot, hot tube and then come out the other side battling through people again and realize I just spent 3 U.S. dollars on that painful experience.  So anyway, that’s my long way of saying that I often will walk places that most people would take the tube to… including today when I walked from Bayswater to Greenpark.  Bayswater is a little north and to the west side of Hyde Park and the place I went to meet Claire is to the south east a little bit from Hyde Park and Hyde Park is a biiig park.  I’m pretty sure it’s about a 3 mile walk.  I swore to myself I’d catch the train back but instead walked all the way back. Except when I reached the middle of Hyde Park I texted Krissi and it turned out she was walking through the park too, so we met up and walked to the High Street shopping area (which is past the south west corner of Hyde Park).  By the time we were done shopping (I just bought the new pillow and new duvet and she bought a lamp and some groceries) I gave in to my distaste for the underground and we caught it back to Bayswater (after stopping by the Leonidas in the High Street Ken stop to pick up some champagne truffles… mmmmmmm!).  All in all, I’m pretty sure I walked about 8 miles today. EIGHT MILES.  I’m pretty sure it was rare for me to every walk more than like 8 blocks in L.A.  Haha.

I took several pictures on my walk, and here are just a few:

A Walk Through Hyde Park

A Walk Through Hyde Park

Physical Energy (in Hyde Park)

Physical Energy (in Hyde Park)

Cadbury Flake in front of Marble Arch!

Cadbury Flake in front of Marble Arch!

My favorite coffee chain here--Caffe Nero

My favorite coffee chain here--Caffe Nero

Meeting Clare in Mayfair for Coffee

Meeting Clare in Mayfair for Coffee


The Looneys and I have kind of created a Wednesday tradition where I hang out with Krissi while Adam is in class, and then we all have dinner together.  I like our Wednesday tradition, except for the part that I don’t get home until after 10, and then I chat for awhile with Holly (my roomate) and then I try to get online and check everything since I won’t have been online all day, and then all of a sudden it’s 12:15am (like right now) and I still need to do reading for classes in the morning!   Luckily all I have left is community property this time, and technically I can save that for the lunch break tomorrow so I will be going to snooze land very quickly.

Oh, and to conclude this post, I received the most amazing facebook message from a completely random man from Egypt today:

you will not believe me , but what i can only see is your face , i don’t know if you are tall or short , thin or fat , but i feel very comfortable to look at your face , not because you are the most beautiful on earth , but also i feel innocent , in your personality through your face , also how sensitive you are , and how intelligent your mind is , also what is very obvious that you are from a respected family and well raised , and only the luckiest man in this world would have you.  i am not saying that i am your match Michelle , no guy can be , but you are my dream , people dream to gain millions , to buy houses , to be famous , to get everything they want , but i have one only dream , you Michelle , and i am not crazy or obsessed , i am respected man , weel raised also , but if i got accepted by you , i will feel that i am the best human on earth , and i will never ever let you down.”

That settles it boys and girls! I’m moving to Egypt!  …I kid, I kid.

By the way, for those of you not on facebook, all this guy can see about me is my name, my network (los angeles) and a thumbnail of my profile picture (the telling face he speaks about):


2 thoughts on “London Lesson Learned–pay the 2 pounds for the 10 extra tog!

  1. HA! at the Egyptian guy! Crazy.

    For when you do get tired of walking, the buses in London are pretty good as an alternative to the tube, and unless they’ve changed it since last time I went, it’s only 1 pound for a one way ticket anywhere within zone 1-3 (and I think 1.50 outside zone 3). I almost never take the tube, partly for the reasons you said, partly because of an experience I had when I was younger (I won’t scare you with it, but it doesn’t involve being violated or anything), but mostly because I hate not being able to see the city while I travel through it!

  2. From what I’ve been told, it only costs 90p to take the bus if you use an oyster card! …I just have no idea where they go! I need to figure that out sometime and take one instead of the tube. I prefer to be out in the city seeing what’s going on too 🙂

    Paris had a pretty awesome metro system though… and this outstanding invention of WINDOWS on the trains so it wasn’t quite so deathly hot down there, and it was really easy to navigate underground to get to the different trains. For some reason I didn’t mind taking the metro all the time while I was in Paris… but in London unless it’s raining I walk! (even carrying 400lbs of books, which I tend to regret by the time I get home ;))

    That facebook message made me laugh so hard I cried. It’s just so crazy to get an email like that from a complete stranger!

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