A Few Notes About Food (since it’s 12:39am).

The nice thing about being settled into a flat now is that I can grocery shop.  It seems like grocery shopping is really something that people do here every day or every couple of days rather than the “big shopping trip once per week/every other week” that many people get away with in the U.S.  The sell-by/use-by dates are almost always just a couple of days after I purchase them… sometimes the very next day.  So “stocking up” is not a major option, but at least being hungry and being like “well, I have some cereal in the cupboard” is refreshing after 2 weeks of having to go out and get food for almost every meal.

Something I have discovered here that I looooove are these little cookie/bisquit things called “digestives” which are round and have a layer of dark chocolate on top.  Mmmmmm.  I used to not be a big fan of dark chocolate but these digestives have changed me! Tonight I tried the milk chocolate kind and it left me wishing I would have stuck to dark chocolate.

Also, there are these little packages of precooked chicken strips you can buy (like what we have in the U.S., but better and very similarly priced) and today I basically just ate a whole package for lunch and later realized for the whole package it was 280 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 51 grams of protein! … apparently that snack alone gave me 114% of my protein for the day.  I’m usually lacking in protein so I guess it’s good to go over once in awhile 😉  I go through these phases where I just crave chicken like crazy and all I want to do is eat lots and lots of chicken (sorry vegetarian readers!).  I am currently in one of those stages, and I thank Great Britain for its great pre-cooked chicken strips 🙂

Something that hasn’t worked out so well is the Tesco brand “Red Berries” cereal that is supposed to be like Special K red berries.  The berry part is really good, the cornflakes though… bleh! I would throw it away and get something new but I can’t justify throwing away food here.  I must suffer through about 4 more bowls of Tesco Red Berries until the box is finished and I can get something else.

Not a bad problem to have… Having food I have to eat 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Few Notes About Food (since it’s 12:39am).

  1. I miss Tescos!
    I get digestives here at Spec’s, which is a liquor store that also sells random food products from other countries. I imagine you could also find them at World Market if you have one in LA (which I’ll assume you do, someplace)

    I like the regular digestives (with no chocolate on them) instead of crackers with cheese. The biscuit (cookie, whatever) part is slightly sweet and the savory of cheese offsets it perfectly. I’m so eating that when I get home after class now!

  2. That is great to hear about the digestives. Now that you mention it I’m sure I’ve seen them at world market before… and pretty positive we do have them in L.A. (although the locations are escaping me at the moment).

    I love Tescos for the prices… but the one by me is always an elbow battle to the death with people it’s so crowded, and you really have to watch out for the expiration date on things. It’s like “ooo such a good deal! I’m gonna buy 5!” and then I get home and realize they all expire the next day.. lol. I reallllly like Marks & Spencer because it’s so colorful and they have that whole environmentally friendly/organic/etc thing going on. But it’s more expensive and I’m a cheapo so I’d rather take the elbow wars at Tesco! 🙂

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