A 24 Year Old Should Know How To Tie Her Shoes.

Eesh. Did you all know that I am 24? I actually thought of that subject line earlier today except I thought “23” and then realized I am a whole year older than I have been thinking. I remember the good old days when a year would last forever and now I’m like “I was just 16 a few days ago… what the?”

Anyway, the real point is that I have had to start wearing shoes here with laces, which accommodate walking the many miles I walk each day. But given that I work out maybe twice per year (baaad), and I generally wear slip on shoes or flipflops in Malibu… It’s been a long time since I’ve had to tie shoes and somehow I routinely find myself with my laces untied when I’m walking down the street. Who knew tying shoes could be so difficult?

In other news, I had a full day of classes today. I really enjoy walking through Hyde Park every morning on the way to school. There are always people all over walking to cut through the park, exercising, running, walking their dogs, etc. It feels so good to walk places and see so many people out. We don’t do much of that in the good ole USA.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here yet… but the chairs in our temporary classroom are extremely flat and hard, and sitting on them for 5.5 hours of class each Tuesday and Thursday has caused the scars on my tailbone area (from a surgery 6 years ago… can you believe that was SIX years ago?) to flare up big time. I can’t find a store that sells those donut cushions, and Krissi plans to make me one… but in the meantime I have recently discovered that if I sit in the middle of two chairs, it relieves the pressure on my tailbone. The area has been super swollen and sore for awhile, but after two class days of sitting on the middle… the swelling and soreness is almost completely gone! Woohoo!

Today at the beginning of Evidence Dean Gash had people share about the travel adventures they’ve been on so far. It made me suuuuuuuuper eager to get out and travel more, because I just stayed in London this past weekend! Two different groups went and checked out other things that are still in the UK like Bath and Stonehenge and whatnot. You can take daytrips up there, or you can go spend a few nights. One group rented a car for the weekend and spent three days checking everything out. I think I’ve convinced Alexander and possibly the Looneys that we should go up there this coming weekend J Also… The weekend after that is the EU Tour (Belgium/France/Luxembourg!), and the weekend after that… we just bought tickets to go to Ireland for 4 days! The Looneys, another couple, and Alexander and I are all flying on the same flight home. I think Alexander and I are on a later flight on the way there though. After hearing two different people talk about trips to Dublin this past weekend, I’m very excited! I’m slightly annoyed that I bought tickets for Thursday night instead of Friday morning. We won’t even get into Dublin until 11pm and should have just saved the cost of a hotel room for one night and left London on Friday morning. But, it costs 80 pounds per person to change tickets, and the tickets themselves were only 60 pounds each! So, we are stuck going Thursday night and it will all work out for the best because we won’t have to get up super early on Friday to catch a flight… we’ll already be there!

After classes today Alexander and I walked up to High Street to get coffee, and then back down to Dean Gash’s cottage. On Tuesday nights they are having a sort of Bible Study/book club. We are going through the book “God at Work” by Ken Costa (who is somehow affiliated with one of the local churches here). I think it will be a really good time, and… it includes free dinner which of course is a very huge blessing and strong incentive to attend given prices in London!

And to answer Aunt Nettie’s question in the last blog post… if there is a spidey/bug heaven, I sure hope it’s in a completely different place. Besides, Heaven is supposed to be everything good, and there is nothing good about bugs! 😉

One thought on “A 24 Year Old Should Know How To Tie Her Shoes.

  1. York is worth checking out. If you go there go to Betty’s tea room (ask anyone for directions, it’s famous). Also there’s a history tour thing there that’s kind of fun if I remember. Anyway, it’s the only fully walled city left in England, which is pretty cool to see.

    Warwick Castle is a really neat castle to go to (although there are tons of good ones).

    Also a place from my childhood that isn’t a far train ride from London at all, Mountfitchet (sp?)…it’s near Stansted (I think it might even be the Stanstead stop) on the train line (from King’s Cross, towards Cambridge…another place worth checking out). It’s a fort, basically. In the spot that there used to be one, and it gives you the full experience (SO many picture opportunities!). It’s aimed at kids but it’s not a bad way to spend an hour or two as an adult either, and it’s easy to get to from London.

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