Wet August.

So, technically it’s september now, but apparently this august was one of the wettest Augusts in a long time in London with only about 96 hours of sunlight compared to some much larger number (I already forgot from a conversation earlier today).  Anyway, the point of that is that last night Alexander and I went to get take-away burgers a few blocks from his apartment and the rain started pouring down and even though we had a (shared) umbrella, we were both completely soaked by the time we got back to his flat.  Not just obvious splatters of water but my entire back was wet, my jeans from my knees down completely wet… my shoes and socks completely wet.  And that was just a couple of blocks… WITH AN UMBRELLA!

So this morning when I woke up I strongly considered not going to see Romeo & Juliet– a play I’d already bought tickets for Alexander and I to see with some other students from our program.  It was taking place at the “middle temple” which is one of the legal buildings.  I didn’t want to bother getting all dressed up and paying to ride the tube down there only to show up looking like a drowned rat.  Luckily, Alexander came to Bayswater and we decided to go and met up with Adam and Krissi to ride together.  It did rain, but not bad.  And my trusty, crazy expensive Paris boots kept my feet nice and dry 🙂

The play turned out to be really cool.  It was a very intimate setting, and there was no set, and very limited props involved.  In the opening scene the cast came out singing a song and a man that later turned out to be romeo was singing and staring right into my eyes (we were in row E so only the 5th row back).  It kind of embarrassed me so I started laughing and had to turn away and I’d look back and he was still staring right into my eyes for the whole song.  He looked REALLY familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why.

At the intermission, we found out why: it was Santiago Cabrera–the guy who played Isaac Mendez (the painter) in Heroes!  ISAAC MENDEZ WAS STARING RIGHT AT ME SINGING TO ME! Hahaha.  The even “better” part was that after the show we were walking out and because I’m so tall anyway, and I was wearing my boots with heels, I could see over this wall and I glanced over and it turned out it was the dressing area for the cast and “Isaac Mendez” was standing there in tighty whities changing his clothes!  Awkward! Luckily it was only from behind, and not the front 😉

It’s so random that I went to a little play being put on in a legal building, and it turns out an actor from an American show that I watch is Romeo, and he sings to me, and then I see him in his underwear?  Crazy times.

After the play we headed back to Bayswater and had dinner at this great place that was cheap and delicious.  Cheap and delicious are a very good combination 🙂  Then we went to the Looneys for dessert and hung out and talked for awhile.  Their building got DSL internet today.  Very exciting for them but it also really depressed me.  I want to be able to just whip out my laptop and call home 😦  Still working on something… I thought I had a lead with potentially buying a U.S. phone line but then I got a fraud alert on my credit card for trying to do it, have no way to call my bank to fix that, and it looks like because it would be forwarding to a UK cell number instead of a landline it would cost… either 25 cents or 25p per minute which can add up fast.  UGGGGG *SHAKES FIST AT THE UK*

As nice as it is to finally have a place to lay my head, I really wish I’d waited for a place with trendy modern technology like phone lines or cable/internet hookups.  Sheesh!  In 3 weeks, I’ve talked to my mom only a couple of times for a couple of minutes each time, and that’s it.  I haven’t been able to call anyone else.  I miss being able to pick up a phone and chit chat.  I’m not homesick, but I am really, really bummed about not being able to talk to people back home.  I really hope I can figure something out soon.


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