Pictures Galore!

So, rather than writing words here, and rather than taking the time to individually cross-post each photo, I’m going to post the links here to several albums on Facebook so those of you who don’t have facebooks can check out some of the pictures I’ve been taking so far during the course of my couple of weeks in London and trip to Paris.  I can’t remember which photo links I’ve posted so far, and too lazy to go back and check, so if any of these links are repeats I apologize!

Each of these links are set to open in a new window, so you won’t lose this page in case you want to come back and look at more albums.

London Part I

London Part II
(Pictures of my flat are located in this album, although not pictures of the actual building or my street or anything… obviously don’t know who all might be reading this fancy blog of mine and don’t really want to be cyberstalked! ;))

London Bus Tour

Paris Part I

Paris Part II

Paris Part III

Last Day in Paris

Eiffel Tower Pictures
(I’m pretty sure I did post this one before, but it now also contains pictures at NIGHT! Might have also posted the link for night time too… but again… too lazy to look back ;)).

Whoah that’s a lot of albums! I hope you enjoy!

I’m currently sitting in a coffee republic where I paid a crazy amount of money for a tuna melt and a vanilla latte so I could have one hour of precious, uninterrupted internet access.  I’m probably going to walk over to the 3 store and see if the mobile broadband will allow me to use skype.  If so, I may pay the crazy amount of money for that monthly plan so I can actually call people back home! Ahh!

I also really need to get some homework done.  I have been a major slacker in that regard so far.  Oh, and by the way I mentioned going on the EU tour next weekend but it’s actually the weekend after that.  But I saw the itinerary and we are spending at least one night in each of the 3 countries we will be visiting on the tour!  We’ll see how many photo albums come out of that excursion 😉  Also, I recently watched In Bruges (which I do NOT recommend), but it took place in Bruges, Belgium and now I really want to go there! Such a cute town, and only a train ride away! I found a package there for the roundtrip train and two nights in a hotel for 130 pounds per person which is less than $250 U.S.  I’ve got to talk to the Looneys and figure out a good weekend to go!

So anyway, it looks like I have two weekends in London to try to get myself going in my classes before I become a crazy world traveler again and totally fall behind.

3 thoughts on “Pictures Galore!

  1. Well… I suppose it depends on what you consider a “good movie.” It’s advertised as a comedy, and there are some funny moments but otherwise it’s a very dark “comedy” and it’s pretty bloody and very strong language and there is definitely nothing “feel good” about the movie save the scenes about how cute of a town Bruges is 🙂 I just really don’t enjoy dark comedies.

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