Oh No… There ARE spiders in London!

Tonight I was sitting at my desk typing away and talking on my UK cell with Adam to find out when him and Krissi were going to Ireland when suddenly I heard a loud smacking sound and I looked up… and a huge black spider had fallen from somewhere near my window and was crawling across the window.  I was flipping out and Adam was like “are you ok? what’s wrong? what happened??” Haha.  Malibu is PLAGUED with spiders so my deathly fear is no longer quite so deathly, but I hadn’t seen a single spider in London so far and I was extremely grateful for that.  Dang you trees outside attracting bugs!

I hope that is not a common occurrence.  I have a very tiny room so I really don’t have much space for spideys to be crawling around in here and I would especially prefer for them to not be crawling around on me 😉

In other news, I gave in and bought a mobile broadband device today ($$).  Then… it was kind of like when a couple keeps trying for a baby and then they finally adopt and no sooner do they sign the papers and viola! They are also pregnant!  Anyway, that extremely poor analogy has to do with the fact that as soon as I got the mobile broadband set up, I managed to get a stable enough connection through my building’s “free wireless” (in quotes because it rarely works) to call my mom on Skype for 30 minutes!  I’m contemplating keeping the mobile broadband as a back-up for the times when I can’t get the wireless to work at all, and otherwise I’m going to start trying to figure out the off-peak times for the wireless so I can use skype like normal.

Tonight when I went out to get some dinner, I saw a guy walking down the street that looked soooo much like my brother Will, but like 4 times taller if that is even possible.  Obviously that is an exaggeration, but he was so enormous and also looked so much like Will that it was pretty creepy.  Interestingly, I have seen extremely tall guys a lot more regularly over here than in the U.S., but as for average height I think the Londoners seem shorter.  I really get a lot more stares over here than in the U.S., and feel like I stand out a lot more.  I was expecting the exact opposite in Europe!  Of course part of the staring may also be the whole “what nationality is she?” business.  Australian? Canadian? German? No?  I have yet to have someone guess that I am from the states!  One time in Paris I laughed really loud in the Haagen Dasz and the people giving me dirty glares were probably thinking “Ugg! Americans!”  But they didn’t say anything 😉

Speaking of which… on a random differences-of-places note, today I was doing research on mobile broadband options and I found a post by a french businessman complaining about how terrible internet access is in London.  The best part was how he totally dissed starbucks and the similar “anglo-saxon” cafes in London which essentially involve “shoving your face full of junk food in front of a laptop.”  Apparently, the French really value their sit down cafes where you get food cooked hot on the spot and sit there and chat with real people, not on computers.  I, on the other hand, can’t count the number of times while we were in Paris that I wished I could find a coffee shop that had coffee to go so I could drink some coffee while Alexander and I toured around.  Now that I’m thinking about it… I can’t really remember any wifi hotspots in Paris either…  I didn’t even want Starbucks, I just wanted anything in a to go cup!  I didn’t want to sit down in a chair facing the street and leisurely drink a 4 euro cappuccino.  I wanted a 2 euro cafe creme to go!  So, the French businessmen can whine about London’s coffee shops.  I thank London for them 🙂 I’ve got one of almost every chain on my street and several independent places that sell coffee to go as well… Not doing much at all to break my caffeine addiction.


One thought on “Oh No… There ARE spiders in London!

  1. Chelle,
    You are so funny, I love your humor.
    I almost fell out of the chair as I am reading your Blog. Thanks for sharing, and I agree with you about spideys, don’t much care for em’ even if they are God’s creatures. If I see em’ and when I get the courage… I send em’ to spidey heaven.
    By the way, do you know if there is a bug heaven?
    And if so will it be different than the one we share with Jesus?
    Love you,
    Aunt Nettie

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