New Home.

So… as I’m getting moved into the new flat, I realize that people want to see pictures… and I’m kind of embarrassed a little bit because I consider it “great” in the sense that it is really nice to have a place to live now that is relatively safe, clean, and affordable by London standards for the area. However, I know my American friends and family will be shocked to see how tiny and how borderline ghetto it is. A lot of us Pepperdine students are a little shocked by the drastic change in standard of living from the ‘bu πŸ˜‰

Nonetheless, I haven’t heard anyone saying “I hate being in London!” It’s a great experience being here, and having a place to unpack our suitcases and lay down when we have some time to relax is a good thing. Today I was able to actually do some grocery shopping and walk around the neighborhood a bit, which is very cute. For the past two Wednesdays I’ve hung out with Krissi while Adam has been in class, and then stuck around for dinner. Tonight I stayed for dinner and stayed a little too late. It’s only a couple of blocks away but by the time I got home, chit chatted with my roommate and got changed into my pajamas it was after 11pm and I still had all of my reading to do for classes. I tried to read but I was too tired, so I tried to going to bed and I’ve been unable to sleep. I’m totally not used to the random noises, or the feeling of trying to sleep in a single bed! AH! And it’s not one of those fancy extra long single beds they have in U.S. college dorm rooms. It’s the regular ole short single bed. That being said, it’s actually pretty comfortable minus the whole inability to stretch out thing!

My favorite part about my new room is the window. I have a little table for a desk sitting in front of a pretty tall window which overlooks a garden area so I just see a bunch of trees while I sit at my desk working on stuff. When some random neighbor is not randomly blasting that “touch my body” song by Mariah Carey it’s actually very peaceful and nice πŸ˜‰ (Yes, that totally happened today. But thankfully turning on my iPod on drowned that out without a problem).

I also had the exciting discovery of Cafe Nero today which is one of the 3 “better than starbucks” London coffee chains. A medium latte there is only 1.80 in pounds which is actually cheaper than the U.S.! I was so excited about it that I bought one even though I was already hot, and already had a big bag of groceries and a bag with sheets and a duvet cover to carry all the way back to my flat (about a 30 minute walk from where I was… no idea what the actual distance is!). The whole walk home, as I carried the latte in one hand and everything else in the other I kept thinking “I need to throw the latte away so I can use both hands to carry this stuff” but I just couldn’t do that! I’m still so totally addicted to coffee :/ Then, I made an even better discovery of this little cafe really close to me which has “white coffees” (essentially a latte) also for either 1.70 or 1.80 and it is delicious and they open at 7! Sooo, I’m definitely stopping in to get one of those on the way to class tomorrow πŸ˜‰

By the way, the pound is currently down to 1.76 verses the dollar which is very nice! Although, it’s kind of like buying gas.. like I don’t know if I should take out a bunch of money now because it’s just going to go right back up tomorrow, or if I should wait because it’s going to go down further.

So, as I’m writing this I’m realizing it’s 4:30am, I still haven’t slept and I still haven’t done any reading for tomorrow? I wish I could say what was wrong with this picture is that I’m not sleeping, but what it really wrong with this picture is that I am BLOGGING when I could be actually getting my reading done!


My Favorite Part of My Flat πŸ™‚


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