Communication Addiction.

Coming off of being so “wired” over the summer (my sidekick giving me instant phone/texting/email/internet access wherever, plus my work blackberry with instant email and internet, plus free internet at work and at home), it is really hard adjusting to not having these things at my fingertips anymore. The best I’ve been able to do is maybe a quick 30 minutes to an hour in the evenings to try to catch up on everything and post a blog, but now that I’ve moved into my new place I don’t even really have that. The blog I posted this morning took me over an hour to post because I couldn’t get an internet connection in my flat (where we have “Free wireless”) long enough to post the blog.

Also, the lack of broadband in my flat means the vonage phone plan I bought is useless, and people can’t reach me via a U.S. number like I planned (and I also can’t call them), and even skype (which I downloaded and paid $$ for a headset at the computer store for) isn’t going to work with my shoddy internet at home.

I finally took my laptop to school today (I hadn’t been doing that because it’s heavy with all the books) and I spent so much time trying to get my laptop to connect to the school’s internet. Everyone else in the room (except me and Alexander) can get their computers to connect but for some reason our laptops won’t. So then, because I didn’t get ANY sleep last night and I’m frustrated that I can’t have any contact with anyone in the U.S. beyond a very short email or a facebook status update, I started tearing up in class. And then whenever my professor would look in my direction I would start tearing up again. So ridiculous! I’m just so tired and so missing being able to have contact with people back home. I was assuming on my day off I’d have my vonage phone and be able to call my mom, Joni, Melissa, various good friends back home and catch up and have that one piece of familiarity. Or at least be able to type an email and click send and have it actually send and not disappear!! ARGGH!!! I’m in LONDON after all, not the jungles of South America!!

Anyway… I’ll get over it. It’s not the end of the world by any means, and seriously lame thing to be complaining about. And, it could be way worse! At least I still get to get online at least once a day, even if it does mean trekking out to Earls Court (like I did just now) to take advantage of Alexander’s broadband.  I just really miss talking to actual people back home and not just talking to the invisible audience that reads this thing. But communication difficulties aside, it really is a great experience here.  I’m not lonely or homesick, I just wish the phone/internet situation were better so I could stay in better touch.

In other fun “roughing it in London” news, our shower has no water pressure so you have to sit on the floor of the tub and hold the shower head and it feels pretty similar to trying to wash your hair in a bathroom sink. The nice thing though is that it’s a full bath tub too. Not that I fit in bathtubs or take baths anyway, but most London flats just have tiny, tiny showers that are smaller than a phone booth, and in the one I’ve been using since I got here the metal part with the knobs gets flaming hot and I’ve burned myself several times trying to manuever around. Plenty of space to move around in the new shower, even if I am sitting down 😉 My roommate can stand and just duck down because she’s short but it’s physically impossible for me to work that out. 😉

Also, I randomly ate a chocolate donut at about 5:00am this morning after showering, and later when I went to flat iron my hair this big blob of brown stuff fell to the ground and keep in mind I can’t smell and was sleep deprived… I was horrified because I wasn’t sure if I just burned off a glob of my hair, and then I looked closer and it looked like poop and I was like “OMG HOW DID POOP GET IN MY HAIR????” and then I realized it was chocolate from the chocolate donut (imagine how warm chocolate frosting in a melted blob might look if you could only see and not smell) which somehow fell in my hair unnoticed, and I had just melted chocolate into my hair. So I don’t know what the moral of that story is… don’t eat donuts in bed? Don’t dye your hair brown and eat chocolate donuts in bed? Don’t go an entire night without sleeping when you’re already sleep deprived anyway and then eat a donut in bed and then flat iron your hair? Haha. I don’t know but it was actually a very amusing start to my day 🙂

Adam, Krissi and I met for coffee this morning and walked to school together and the walk is so nice. It’s a couple of blocks to Hyde park and then most of the walk is just through Hyde Park and it was sunny this morning and people were out running and walking their dogs. The school is just on the other side of the park. So much nicer than battling it out in the hot, (I imagine smelly), sweaty packed underground tube and paying nearly $3 US dollars per ride 😉 Walking through the park = great for the mood, good exercise, and save $3 (each way)?! What a deal!! If I just walk every day instead of taking the tube, I can justify continuing my coffee habit! 😉


4 thoughts on “Communication Addiction.

  1. First, I’m really glad you found a reasonable coffee shop nearby your flat.

    Second, I think I can solve your phone issue. Look for a cell phone plan that you can get month to month or pay as you go (ya know, where you reload it with minutes when you run out). Then, buy a US cell phone number on Skype. It’s really easy if you have a US address to give them. Buying a US number from them costs something like $18 total for a 3-month subscription. Then, log into Skype, and you can set up a forwarding number for your US number you just bought. Have it forward to your London cell. I hope this makes sense. If not, email me and I’ll explain it better.

    Finally, the doughnut story made me laugh SO hard. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarahs idea is really good – especially because English cell plans (even the pay as you go ones) don’t charge you/use minutes for incoming calls – so if you call your friends quick and have them call you back, or set up a time for them to call you, your friends would just be paying for a US call (free, i’m assuming, if it’s on their cell plan) and you’d be paying nothing new!

  3. That skype idea is great advice! I need to try that out! I already told my mom to try downloading a skype account and then she could call my UK number for like 2 cents per minute, but that sounds even better 🙂

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