Qui Est Le Meilleur? (Who is the best?)

It’s 3:30am in Paris, and I’ve apparently already adjusted to my “London” sleep schedule here as well. Sleep from about 11-12:30, awake until about 4am, sleep until about 11am. Ugg! How I miss the good old days of 8-10 solid hours of sleep before 7am!

I had a crazy day in Paris today! It started out with a failed attempt to find a Bank of America (google said there was one, turns out it was only for business customers), and a failed trip to the American Express office (Alexander has a platinum card so you can go there and get random information. We wanted help with partner banks of B of A, or where we might find women’s shoes in a size 45-46, but they had no answers). We then walked through the Galerias Lafayette asking every shoe place their biggest size and everyone kept saying “quarante-un” which is 41 aka around a size 9. Alexander was really bummed. However, having had large feet for a very long time, and given that only one store that I know of in the U.S. carries my size in store (Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack) I wasn’t shocked at all about our lack of success in Paris. In one store Alexander asked for 45s pointing at me (all in french) and the guy assured us he had some and led us upstairs… to mens shoes 😦

However, he then told us about a place down the street and long story short… we found a shoe store that carried up to size 45 in womens sizes… and I left with a (very expensive) pair of black leather boots and black flats. I still feel little waves of anxiety when I think about how much I spent on those boots… but the good news is that I did not buy anything from Dolce & Gabana or any of the other designer shops in the Galerias Lafayette 😉

After the crazy shoe search, the sun was out so we hopped on the metro to head over to the Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel). The lines to go up were soooo long and I haaaate lines, so I settled for taking some pictures from the ground level 🙂 We also bought a panini and a crepe at a little stand nearby and sat down for a snack break when I realized it was 4pm and all I’d had all day was a beignet in the morning before our shoe search began.

After that we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready to go back out for dinner. While back in the hotel, I turned on the BBC (british television… yayyyyyy english!) and saw a McCain rally about his choosing Sarah Palin. It felt very weird to be in Paris, watching british television, about something in the U.S.! After that we headed out to Bastille where we split our dinner into 3 parts at 3 little random places we found in the area. The dinner was $$$ but in my top 3 favorite dinners of all time! I think I like Paris more than London, except for the whole “can’t speak the language” thing. We go out for an entire day and the only person I actually talk to the whole time is Alexander. He’s the only one that can talk to anyone else because he knows French. I feel so disabled being unable to speak! I also wonder what the people think of me since I sit there silently not saying anything while Alexander does all the talking. A cashier at a store asked us if we were German tonight. The “are you from [any country other than the states]” questions keep coming. Do I really look that un-american? lol.

Oh, and by the way, in France they drive on the right side of the road like in the U.S.  According to Alexander, it has something to do with Napolean wanting France to be different than the rest of Europe.  Interesting! Anyway, this is my random ramblings at 3a.m. Tomorrow we are going to the Louvre, Notre Dame, and hopefully back to see La Tour Eiffel at night 🙂

For pictures from the Eiffel Tower, click here.


4 thoughts on “Qui Est Le Meilleur? (Who is the best?)

  1. In response to your comments on driving, the UK is the only place in Europe that drive on the left side of the road. Everywhere else in Europe drives on the right (thankfully!). There are many other countries, though, that drive on the left in other parts of the world. Some examples are Australia, Barbados, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Guyana.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know that! For some reason back in the US I just thought it was all of europe that drove on the “wrong” side of the road 😉

  3. The places in the owrld that drive on the left are, in general, the old colonies of Britain (though even some of those have switched to the right I think). Everywhere else drives on the right, pretty much. Sarah is right tho, the UK is the only place in Europe that drives on the left!

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