Bayswater (where there is no bay, and no water).

I don’t have classes on Wednesdays, so this morning I slept in, took my time reading for my 1 class tomorrow, and then Alexander and I went out to Bayswater (my future neighborhood) to hang out with Adam and Krissi (where they found a flat too) and begin researching travel deals at a local coffee shop).  When Adam had to leave for class, and Alexander departed to do some errands, Krissi and I did some shopping on High Street.  Well, first I had to get a passport photo for my discount travel card.  They have machines here where you can do it yourself, which was nice… except my head was too big for the oval, and it said all these things like your hair and bangs couldn’t block your ears/face and your head had to fit in the oval and I was getting stressed out because it wouldn’t take the picture and all of a sudden it was like “taking picture now.”  About 20 seconds later I had 4 passport sized photos of me looking like I just got arrested for drunk driving and/or selling meth, for the bargain price of 4 pounds 😉

We also went to Marks & Spencer (the one on high street has a grocery store, clothing, home goods, money exchange, everything) to look at blankets, etc. because I need to buy some for my room.  We ended up going across the street to Argos, a discount catalog place where you look up what you’re going to buy and then pay for it and then wait by a little conveyor belt for your order to show up.  I got a duvet, sheets, duvet cover, 2 pillows, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 wash clothes for less than 25 pounds!  I was pretty excited about that, especially since I won’t have room in my luggage to take any of this stuff home anyway.

Then we headed back to M&S to do some grocery shopping for Krissi.  You have to put 1 pound in the “trolley” (shopping cart) to get it free, and when you return it (to our pleasant surprise) you get the pound back.  After shopping, Krissi cooked a yummy dinner in her cute studio, and then Alexander and Adam  showed up and we walked around the corner for coffee/dessert at a random Indian cafe.  Oh, and somewhere in there Krissi and I bought fake Pashminas (V.Pashmina) for 1.39 pounds each… so basically two for less than $3 USD.  They came in really handy when we were sitting at one of the outside tables at the cafe.

Anyway, now it’s time for me to get to bed because it’s 11:36pm and I have a class at 8:30am in the morning, and then I’ve got to exchange something at Argos, exchange some pounds for euros at M&S, and then pack and get to the train station by noon to head to PARIS!! 5 days and 4 nights in Paris.  I will be bringing my laptop but no guarantees about internet access so if I don’t update for several days, that’s why!

But plenty of pictures and stories will follow!

Lastly, a picture from today— We walked from Bayswater to Kensington through Hyde Park, and this is a statue of Queen Victoria, and the building in the background is one side of Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived before she passed away.

Queen Victoria Statue in Front of Kensington Palace

Queen Victoria Statue in Front of Kensington Palace


2 thoughts on “Bayswater (where there is no bay, and no water).

  1. lol to the passport pic! I love hearing about how different shopping is, my only overseas experience has been Japan but that was WAY different shopping too! Fun stuff 🙂

  2. M&S is my favorite for groceries because they have so many yummy premade things, but it’s not cheap! Your cheapest bet is to find a Tescos or ASDA…or Waitrose.

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