Troll Encounters, Oh my!

Today was the first day of classes, and getting up at 6:45am was pretty painful.  I know I’ve mentioned being exhausted in several posts now, but today was definitely the worst.  I was nodding off (on the front row no less) all through evidence, and several times was tempted to just lay down across the chairs next to me and pass out (during class!).  Alexander and I walked up to High Street for lunch, and he said I was acting pretty delirious and kept asking if I was ok.  The bright side is that for the first time since I’ve been here, my legs don’t hurt.  It looks like I’m already adjusting to walking miles and miles and miles every day.

After class I decided to go back to my temporary “home” and sleep.  Since I was carrying $550+ worth of law books (which were very heavy… and actually Alexander was carrying the heavier ones but he had his own to carry as well) we decided to take the tube.  We waited for awhile and the platform kept getting more and more crowded but no train came.  I was starting to get agitated because I was hot, tired, and the books were heavy (and I haaaaate waiting for pretty much anything) and we were starting to contemplate walking home.  Then out of nowhere this really short old woman (I’m guessing 4′ even?) appeared out of nowhere and just stood there staring/glaring up at me, occasionally alternating to stare at my books or my bag.  It was really, really awkward and you might think this is really mean of me… but she honestly looked like a story book troll.  Crazy hair, big nose, wart on the nose…. and she just kept staring! And then she started doing this little cackle.  Alexander and I were so uncomfortable that we decided to leave and just walk home, and the lady stared at me the whole way out of the station.  (and then I got charged the equivalent of $3 USD when I didn’t even ride a train… ugg!).  I was really creeped out by the whole encounter the whole walk home.  How random!


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