Mmmmm Coffeeeee.

Thanks to my summer job (which involved going to Starbucks 2-3 times every day), I’m currently severely addicted to coffee. However, since coffee is crazy expensive here (a simple americano costs around $3.80 USD or more!) I’ve unwisely tried to quit cold turkey. I say unwisely because the withdrawals have made me very cranky, and when combined with the frustrations of trying to find a place to live + trying to deal with my U.S. bank when I can’t get any form of phone to work for me (Vonage isn’t working, my U.S. cell has no reception here, my UK cell can’t make international calls, and even Skype is breaking up)…. I end up going CrAzY!

So today, after trying every form of communication yet again to try to get in touch with my bank, walking to the cell store to try to upgrade to the World plan only to find out it closed early for the “Bank Holiday” I was freaking out and finally gave into my caffeine craving to sooth my super cranky attitude. That $5.40 USD nonfat iced vanilla latte worked wonders. I was instantly in a much better mood. This whole time I thought I was just so cranky and frustrated because the whole situation is frustrating, not realizing my lack of tolerance was also due to the lack of caffiene. I have a very unhealthy addiction to coffee, and have decided to start curing myself of it AFTER I’m all moved in to the new place and I get back from Paris šŸ˜‰

The bad thing is I didn’t have the coffee until around 5pm which is going to screw with my already messed up sleeping schedule. Right now, I can manage to sleep from about 10pm-12am and about 4am-11am. However, classes start tomorrow which means I’ll be needing to wake up around 6:45am. AHHHHHHH. I’m taking Federal Income Tax, Evidence, and Community Property. FIT and CP are taught by the same prof who didn’t assign any reading for the first day (THANK YOU PROF. P.!). However, our evidence professor assigned FIFTY pages of reading for the first day. I haven’t had a chance to buy books yet either which means I have to borrow Alexander’s book when he is done reading. That should keep me busy during part of that lovely 12am-4am awake time šŸ˜‰

On a random note, I bought my first thing that was U.S. equivalent in pricing today. 2 diet cokes for 1.50p total which is a little less than $3 USD, and at least in Malibu they always cost about $1.50-$1.80 USD each. The diet coke doesn’t taste the same here though.

Another random UK note for today– Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way here. The cars don’t have to stop for you and you better not take your sweet time crossing the street! I feel like every time I cross a street I have to run to avoid getting hit by a car. As a pedestrian, it’s a little annoying feeling like my life is at risk every time I have to cross a street. However, as a person who has been driving for about 8 years and haaaaaates getting stuck waiting for ridiculously slow walkers to make their way across the street (and those extremely obnoxious people who love to just walk right out in the middle of traffic), I can really appreciate the policy.

It’s crazy adjusting to not having a car. In L.A. this summer I lived in a pretty walkable neighborhood so I often left my car at home and walked places on the weekend. But I think the furthest thing (the Grove) was less than half a mile away. Here, I’ve been walking several miles every day. I’ve definitely walked, and ran, more in the past 5 or 6 days than I have in the entire past year.


One thought on “Mmmmm Coffeeeee.

  1. I miss walking everywhere!

    I’m glad you found a place to live, that can be so stressful. I really hope you like London and have an amazing four months šŸ™‚

    p.s. go up to Windermere/Bowness in the Lake District if you get a chance. it’s super pretty, and where Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) lived when she wrote her books, so it’s sort of famous for that. That’s where I lived most of the time when I lived in England (went to boarding school up there). Cambridge is also worth checking out, I lived there til I was 11. Lots of pretty colleges etc. there.

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