Hello Jet Lag.

Since I found a place, and all the stress of not having a place to live has been relieved, I have been soooo exhausted. I really wanted to go check out the church I plan to attend in London this morning, but I was so exhausted I couldn’t pull myself out of bed until after 11, and even then it was only because we had orientation at 12 today. The orientation was pretty much pointless (except for the free food… woo), but we also went on a bus tour which was pretty cool. Sadly, my camera died in the middle of it while we we’re checking out St. Paul’s Cathedral, so I only have pictures from the first half of the adventure. Krissi and I saw a lot of places we want to go back and check out on foot on Wednesdays (on Wednesdays Adam has class and Alexander has work, but Krissi and I will both be free!).

It’s fun figuring out the random words that are different here. For example, they say “take away” at restaurants for “take out” or “carry out” and “collection only” at Pizza places for “carry-out only.” And they say “lift” for elevator, and sometimes with the accent it sounds like left and I catch myself thinking “what do they mean ‘where is the left?'” Also, apparently “fanny” as in your bottom or a “fanny pack” is an offensive word here. The correct term for the bag is “bum bag.” (PS- I love that I get to use air quotes, and quotes in type so much due to the difference in terminology. We know how much I love quoting ;))

People here often do not think I’m from the states. In fact, when I was sitting in the international terminal of LAX back in Los Angeles I was asked if I speak English (?!). Here, on more than one occassion, landlords have told me they wouldn’t have guessed I’m from the states because I don’t look like it, and I don’t have the accent (yes, I know I have a weird, “unique” voice… thanks for bringing it up British people!!). But honestly, in the current times where a lot of people are not big fans of the ole U.S.of.A., I don’t really mind not sticking out like a sore American thumb 😉 The one person who could tell I was from the states went off on a rant about George W., and the upcoming race between Obama and McCain. The rest of the world watches us closer than we do!

Anyway, those are my random tangents for today. I’ve finally uploaded some pictures.

Celebrating London Becoming the Olympic City (for 2012)

Celebrating London Becoming the Olympic City (for 2012)

Some initial pictures from the first few days in London (click here), and some pictures from the bus tour we took this afternoon (click here). Very few pics with actual people in them because (1) we didn’t look so hot walking all over town all day; and (2) we were so stressed out about finding a place that any thoughts of pictures quickly went out the window. But now, I expect the picture taking will increase.

I have today (Monday- it’s 1:24am here right now) off, and then Tuesday classes start, hopefully I’ll be moving into the new place on Wednesday, a class Thursday morning, and then off to Paris for four days Thursday afternoon!


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