Weight Management.

I’ve decided to write a quick post on something that is not as borderline completely depressing as the flat situation in London (I can deal with lack of space, and I can even deal with paying way more than I expected to, but can it at least be relatively clean looking and not completely run down???).

Ok, actually one more flat hunting story.  Today we found out about a place in South Kensington (a very expensive area, where the school is) which was advertised as a 2bd for 300 pounds per week, and would be 350 if we only wanted it for 4 months.  We hurried over there all excited, the location is amazing, and we sit on the porch of this really cute building waiting for the landlord to show up.  It later turned out that the flat was around the back alley, down some stairs, and in the basement.  It was so small and cramped and so, so dirty.  Krissi’s first reaction was “how to we get to the flat?” (assuming that what we were in was just the basement where the landlord lived or something).  My first reaction was “where is the second bedroom?” (because apparently the tiny room that just had a TV in it and a bunch of pillows was the prior tenant’s way of “being comfortable” and they could put a bed back in. The two rooms could literally only fit the bed, no space on any side of the bed, and the bed was on the floor. The suitcases of the current tenants were outside on the uncovered porch, there was no living area and the whole thing was dirty, dirty, dirty.  All I could think about was rats running all over me, and how many diseases I would probably catch trying to clean the place).  That being said, I suppose it’s what you have to expect when you see a place advertised for 350 pounds per week in that location (aka about $700 U.S. dollars per WEEK).  Adam was excited about the place and wanted to take it.  Krissi and I were absolutely against it. BLEH.

Anyway, moving on to something a little more positive… all this flat searching = LOTS of walking. And also, we somehow keep forgetting to eat very much (at least I keep forgetting. and for anyone who knows me, Michelle forgetting to eat is pretty much unheard of).  Today, when we finally sat down to dinner around 7pm I realized the only thing I had the rest of the day was an iced americano from starbucks, and a little breaded pizza thing (similar to the size of one half of an english muffin) as a snack at one point in between searches.  Usually, I eat every hour or two… so to go so long with barely eating anything is insane.  I really just forget.  But now that I noticed today how bad I’ve been with eating, I’m going to start making a conscious effort to eat more.  It’s really not a good idea to be in such a stressful situation looking for housing and be so hungry.  That’s probably why I ultimately came back from the searching at the end of the day and started crying and saying I should just buy a plane ticket home and not stay here.   But once I have an established place to live, and a phone line set up so I can actually talk to friends and family back home (my comp doesn’t have a mic so skype won’t work :/) I think it will be much better and I will enjoy being here.  I really do like the city, even though the region of my body from my hip bones to my toes hurt so bad I was tempted today to have Alexander hold my legs so I could walk on my hands and give the ole legs a break.  Luckily I didn’t do that.  According to Krissi, who did crunches last night, it does not help make the pain in your legs less if other things hurt too 🙂

The positive note in all of this is of course something very girly— with all this walking, and much less eating than I did over the summer with all those crazy firm events— I’m destined to lose my “summer weight” in no time 😉


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