Flat Hunting is nowhere near as fun as the show “House Hunters.”

We are two days in in our search looking for flats (me, Krissi and Adam). It’s nooooot fun.  I’m sure I’ll look back on this and be like “hahaha remember when we were walking all over the city and had to pull on our legs to get them up the stairs because they were so tired and remember how we almost jumped on the 600 pounds per week place (aka $5000 U.S. dollars per month)?”  But right now I’m mainly thinking “What.On.Earth.Have.I.Got.Myself.Into?”

Luckily the Looneys and I are praying as we go which helps.  However, it’s getting a little frustrating that the options seem to be cheaper but small, dirty and seedy (aka 2800-3500 U.S. dollars per month) or clean and more spacious but also super expensive (aka 4500-5000 U.S. dollars per month).

If you stay here longer than four months, it’s a lot easier to find an accomodation… people just don’t like to rent for 4 months and if they do they raise the price.  But apparently it’s normal to take 6-10 days to find a place, So we are weary from the first two days of searching, but tomorrow is a new day, and we will find something!

We found a great place less than a 5 minute walk from Alexander’s.  High cielings, ground (not basement) floor, technically a one bedroom but a separate dining room with a door that could be turned into a bedroom for me.  We talked the guy into $325 pounds per week for 4 months (which works out to about $2600 U.S. dollars per month).  There is also a beautiful court yard garden (that is shared by all the apartments surrounding the block) that we have access to from the back door out the back of the apartment. The problem is that we have to put pound coins into a meter machine inside the apartment to get electricity (random?) and I’m not convinced that the locks on the doors look entirely safe.  I don’t feel worried for my personal safety at all… just slightly concerned that a fellow neighbor might notice we are out of town and sneak in to check out all of our stuff? What are they going to do with clothes for a six foot four female, I have no idea! But I would prefer to keep my clothes as long as possible 😉

We have two more flats to look at tonight, and I’ll be calling an agent for more listings again in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Flat Hunting is nowhere near as fun as the show “House Hunters.”

  1. Good luck looking Shelly!! I’m glad you got there okay, and I know it’s frustrating looking for a place (I’m in the SAME spot!), but I pray that God opens a door for the perfect place! Love you!

  2. Hehe… the “pay as you go lighting” idea… combined with the realization that he would be coming in the flat to take the coins out on a regular basis (and the coin thing was in what would be *my* room), and his story that once upon a time someone broke in to steal the coins(!) was a real deal breaker for us!

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