First Real Post– Leaving the USA in 28 hours!

We’ve had a heat wave the last several days in Portland, and my mom doesn’t have AC, so I just finally got to start washing and drying my clothes this morning.  I have turned the shower into a hanging rack for a bunch of hang-to-dry shirts, and I’m hoping they all dry before tomorrow morning when I have to cram them in my suitcase before heading out:

I’m so excited to get on my way tomorrow, but also very nervous.  Since around last Monday, I get a horrible stomach ache whenever I eat because my stomach has been in knots.  I’ve never been out of the country (save a week at a resort in Mexico and about 6 hours in Canada), and I’ve definitely never flown to a new country with my bags packed for four months and no idea where I’m going to live! It’s going to be an adventure showing up with my bags and finding a place to live with Adam and Krissi (aka “the Looneys” … yes, that is really their last name).  A very expensive adventure.

The good news is that tuition is free, I had a great job over the summer that enabled me to save a lot of money, and we only have classes on Tuesday/Thursday so we will have LOTS of time to TRAVEL!  I already have tickets to Paris a week from Thursday, so pictures galore are already on their way! 😉

This will be my last update before I head out in the morning.  Counting waiting for planes, I will be traveling for close to 24 hours tomorrow (my international flight is from L.A., so I have to fly there first on southwest, but I have a lay over in Oakland, and then a 6 hour layover at LAX! ahh!).  Luckily, I upgraded to business class on my 10+ hour flight from Los Angeles to London.  Hellooooooo seven extra inches of leg room, and being able to lay the seat back!  I’m very excited about that! 🙂


One thought on “First Real Post– Leaving the USA in 28 hours!

  1. Yay business class!! We have always wanted to do that but never found a deal we could afford. Enjoy it extra for us, and good luck finding a place to live!

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